"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Being sick stinks.

For days I lay around feeling rotten, feeling like I was getting more behind every minute and basically just feeling sorry for myself. And then I realized that a whole bunch of very cool things had come out of my little date with misery:

One of my teenage sons fixed dinner for the whole family, and the other took care of the toddler and checked on me multiple times to ask how I felt. My husband brought me these little white chocolate yummies which I adore and hardly ever eat.

(OK, so they were actually a treat to say “Thank you for finally finishing the taxes,” but the timing couldn’t have been better.)

My 9-year-old daughter brought me soup and crackers in bed, and gave her baby sister a bath.  My sweet friend kept our toddler overnight so I could sleep in all morning (THANK YOU FOR THAT!) and sent these back with her from her own garden.

My mom sent over dinner ingredients and my husband cooked them. I was forced to take a break from the daily grind. And, on top of everything else, all that lying-around time led me to finally start this blog I’d been thinking about for ages.

So, here I am! Thanks for stopping by to read my very first (That’s why it’s the coolest yet!) post, and please…come back soon.  I’ll be right here, looking at the bright side.


Comments on: "On the bright side…(a.k.a. My coolest post yet!)" (4)

  1. Kelcy Hahn said:

    Keeps smiling, sis!

  2. Sorry you were sick, but glad it gave you the time to start this blog. Love the name, by the way! Looking forward to more smile reports.
    ~Tracy B.

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