"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

I seldom wonder whether the kids are learning enough, in part because on any given day there are little clues all over the house that let me know they are…little signs that, in a variety of ways, learning is taking place in our home. For example, in just one day I looked around and saw this:

(a leaf Connor had soaking in alcohol to remove the chlorophyll, so he could use the then-colorless leaf for another experiment)

…as well as this model of a strand of DNA he’d created:

and this computer he’s been taking apart in the middle of the gameroom floor:

On the other side of the room I found these baby oak trees Addison’s growing:

(These seem to move all over the house–I think she’s trying to find the best source of light.)

And nearby were these bongo drums she made for herself. (I haven’t yet taken a picture of the guitar she made–from a box–to go with them. Both were her own ideas.)

See the rest of the post here.


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