"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

The tattling fridge

Refrigerators talk. And I don’t just mean the contents, although peeking inside one is sure to give some clues about the owners’ eating habits and cleaning habits.

I’m talking about the doors, and what they say about their homes and the people who live there.

In our previous house, the front of the fridge was almost completely hidden. I remember walking by it one day, glancing over, and thinking to myself, This won’t last. I’ll turn around, or blink, and it will all be different. And so I decided to preserve this fleeting era in our family scrapbooks. (I even rolled with the theme by making the page all crooked and cluttered.)

Journaling reads:


Our busy life is reflected in the chaos on our refrigerator door. Sports schedules, homeschool schedules, awards, reminders, artwork…it’s all there, a reminder of our busy schedule & our rich, full life. I know our fridge door won’t always look like this, though, & one day I’ll look at its nice, clean surface…..& be a little wistful thinking about the busy days gone by. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the chaos!

Fast forward a couple of years. In our current home, the fridge front is usually bare.

If you looked around the corner you’d see one wallet-sized picture of a very special family I want to remember to pray for every day. That’s it. And to be honest, sometimes I already miss seeing all the things that made that “mess” on the old fridge. So it made me happy when I dragged into the kitchen one morning to find these little additions from our teenage son, attached to the refrigerator door.

{subtle hint}

{not-so-subtle hint}

And when I turned around and glimpsed the island where he’d spelled out his name in pretzels, I knew there was another page that needed to be created, so a second, simpler fridge page was born to better reflect the way things are at this stage.

What does your refrigerator say about you? Have you snapped a picture so you’ll always remember it? How about doing that today?

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Comments on: "The tattling fridge" (2)

  1. I find great satisfaction in taking the stainless steel polish,spraying it all over the doors, eliminating the smudges, shining up the surface, and standing back to see that I’ve accomplished something. The shine lasts about 2 minutes and 13 seconds on a slow day.

    The abundance of hand prints on this latest refrigerator talks of the unfathomable frequency of the need to satiate teenage hunger pangs.

    The refrigerator tells the story of the different sizes of people in our house being able to partake of the abundance of God’s blessings… over and over and over again.

    Let’s try not to think of the day when neither one of us will have the heart to clean the last of their hand prints off.

    Amy, your blog has really helped me to see just how incredibly blessed we are.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunities to stop by!

  2. My fridge must say how busy I’ve been since having a 2nd child since there is a picture of Adam at 12 months and one of Levi’s ultrasound pictures!! I haven’t had time to change them! I also have a fortune from a fortune cookie that says, “Your truest life is when you are in your dreams awake.” It helps me on my rough days to remember that I am living my dream of being a mommy.

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