"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Smiling at the future

I have to ask: Am I the only person in the world who gets REALLY excited about buying a new planner? Since I think and plan in terms of school years, that’s how I buy my planners. The one I purchased last week is making me so happy!

It’s not because it’s my favorite color (although it is). It isn’t just because it fits in my purse (YEA!) or because I love the layout (which is perfect for me). There’s something else about it that makes me happy.

Maybe part of it is that I’ve been looking at pages that look like this for so long…

…that it just makes me happy to gaze on all that white space.

Maybe another part of it is the idea of a wide-open future full of possibilities. What will we accomplish with God’s help this year? How fun it is to imagine what will take place.

And then, there’s another aspect that makes me happy: Needing a new planner brings about the realization that we have made it through another year. And with that comes a reminder to look back on all our blessings and be thankful for each of the opportunities we’ve been given.

Are you looking forward to the future? I am! I am so thankful for second chances…and third chances…and six thousandth chances.

I know my new planner will fill up quickly…but I’m thankful for that, too.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
   and he will establish your plans.  (Proverbs 16:3)

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Comments on: "Smiling at the future" (10)

  1. I love new planners and calendars and such too. Perhaps it’s because mine is always so full and busy-looking and seeing all that blank space looks so restful. LOL

  2. Forgot to ask…where did you get your planner? I love the bright color!

  3. Edy Cozort said:

    No, you are not the only one excited with a new planner! 🙂 I love when I get a new planner or calendar and being able to “plan” and write events. My planner is not nearly as full, but I know once we start actual school (in a few years) it will get there. By the way, is it a coincidence that your new planner is opened to the week of Roundhouse?

  4. I have the exact same one!!! (from Target, green colored) I love it too. I always get so excited about getting a new planner and also looking back at the old ones…

  5. Dana Martin said:

    She’s a beauty….now I know where to go next year! I had to add my own tabs this year
    , so this one would be perfect. I enjoy reducing documents and “double sided sticky taping” them into the planner. Now if I can just find it! Have you seen my planner? Ha.

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