"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Ideally, we’d automatically spend each day noticing myriad little reasons to smile. We’d immediately recognize all kinds of blessings as we go throughout the day, and we’d dwell on how much we have to be happy about. But if you’re like me, some days that comes more naturally than others. One thing I’ve decided: Sometimes it’s  easier to look back and find reasons to smile, even when you aren’t seeing them today.

Today I have a lot on my mind. I am concerned for a number of different friends and family members who have big things going on in their lives. So, to keep from walking around being somber all day long, I’ve decided to think back on some of the things that have made me smile in the last month or so.

Things like making s’mores with the kiddos over the gas flames of our kitchen stove…

…and things like spending the end of Memorial Day with our family at the beach, after everyone else headed home.

Some were big things, like riding rides with the family at Six Flags Homeschool Day last month.

(Riding roller coasters–the bigger and  faster, the better–is at the very top of my most-fun-activities-ever list, and the fact that my oldest three children have learned to love them, too, makes me crazy happy.)

Some were small things, like the way Remington became so smitten with this 99-Cent Store hat.

(Talk about cheap entertainment!)

Some of the things I smiled about are things I don’t have pictures of…..like a fun girls’ night out or the 3-page, handwritten letter I received from an old friend I don’t see or talk with often enough.

Some I do, like this picture Addy drew and painted for me:

(I love that she’s not only getting into artistic expression, but turning her masterpieces into gifts for others.)

Something else that made me smile? I found this board game I’ve been wanting (which is $25 at Target) at a garage sale for TWO BUCKS, still in the unopened, shrink-wrapped packaging! (Game night, anyone?)

Coming up with reasons to smile doesn’t take long once you’re looking for them.  So, how have you been blessed this month? What things–big OR small–have made you smile?  Spend some time reminiscing, and I bet you’ll come up with oodles before you know it.  (I’d love to hear about them!)

Thanks for stopping by!


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