"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Scabs and siblings

Lately I’ve been feeling the itch to scrapbook…But, since that’s an itch I just can’t take the time to scratch right now, I decided to content myself with posting some already-made pages. Though the photos are older, these are the most recent layouts I’ve made (…recent being a relative term, here). As you can see, I’ve been in a keep-it-simple phase lately. Remember, you can click on each photo to enlarge it if you can’t read the journaling.

Maybe I should have entitled this first one, What Every Little Girl Wants. Or, maybe not.

And yes, that was Addy. (I told you I’m a little behind.)  Ahem. Moving on…

I’m trying to do better about recording not only the big events (birthdays, holidays, etc.) but also all those little everyday occurrences and the things that showcase each child’s unique personality. All children try to manipulate their way out of naps; this was Remi’s method:

I’m also attempting to do a better job of documenting relationships, especially within our family. I made these pages to remind our kids how valuable the connections with their siblings are. (OK, and ’cause I liked the sweet pictures!)

Thanks for stopping by!


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