"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

We love the big stuff. The family vacations. The holidays. The social gatherings. The events. We look forward to the things that are big and flashy and fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But today I’ve been thinking about the fact that, if we look for it, there’s a lot of joy to be found in the everyday moments of life, too.

I thought about that when our toddler was eating a lollipop today, and I asked her what flavor it was, and she joyfully screamed out, “IT’S BANANA SLIPPER!”

(Obviously, the flavor was banana split, but I know where she got her answer, because I happen to know what her slippers look like.)

I thought about it again when that same toddler called out, “Look, Mommy, we’re ballets!”

(Right after this picture was taken, they went back to dancing.  Troy jumped in with them, until Remi called out, “Daddy, stop dancing! You’re a boy!”)

I thought about it when I listened to Addy and Troy playing the piano.

I thought about it while I was watching Abbott and Costello clips with my teenage boys.

I thought about it when I listened to the kids’ prayers.

I thought about it when we were all dancing together in the living room.

I thought about it when the kids complimented the dinner I’d made.

I thought about it when I found this in the gameroom:

(It’s not like we don’t have toy baby beds and blankets, but this shoe box/washcloth combo works, too!)

I thought about it again when we found this note pinned to the wall above our bed:

I thought about it while listening to my son on the way home from Bible class, as he shared his ideas for ways to tell others about the church.

I thought about it when I checked on the girls tonight and found them all snuggled up together as they slept.

There are so many special, magical moments sprinkled throughout each of our days, and while they might be obscured by the routine goings-on of everyday life, we’ll find them if we take the time to look. I’d love to hear what you’ve noticed today.

Thanks for stopping by.


Comments on: "Enjoying the dailiness of life" (6)

  1. Edy Cozort said:

    What a sweet post! You are so right – daily things are just as special and exciting. Some of ours include constant hugs and kisses from my sweet boy, the fact that he wants to be just like his daddy and tries to imitate him, how happy he gets when I let him help with things like laundry….just so much to be thankful for and to enjoy. Love you.

  2. Well let’s see…I haven’t been up that long and I’m here by myself, so there’s not too much going on right now, but maybe sleeping in and peace and quite count, though I didn’t see them as joys until I just now thought about it. Another joy so far–a good cup of coffee (it was exceptionally good this morning), a kiss goodbye from my husband as he left for work and there will be more I’m sure, now that I’m looking for them. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Oh! My, my how I love this post! When I think about it there are sooo many wonderful little things to savor in one quick day…watching our girls play xbox last night and our 7 yr olds hilarious way of running in place that had all of us laughing with her, the piles of pictures and poems and notes my girls bring me all day, the delight on my younger sets faces the other day when they read a two vowel word for the first time, Watching them all gobble down their supper last night with such enjoyment, like it was the highlight of their whole day. Such sweet rewards for a simple mommy doing simple things that mean so very much! Wow. Thank you Amy for bringing these things to light for us Mommies again. How forgetful we are. 🙂

    • How encouraging it is to me that you were helped by this post, and have already found so many reasons to be joyful! I think we are much better moms when we seek out those happy moments mixed in with all the laundry, messes, etc. which can tend to bog us down. Thanks for your sweet comment, and keep watching for those reasons to smile!

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