"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Still ringing

New Year’s Eve came and went, and we celebrated. New Year’s Day came and went, too, and we celebrated then, too. But further into the first week of the new year, it still felt like we needed to celebrate. So, as evening rolled around, we gathered the kids together for a little still-ringing-in-the-new-year family party.

We broke out a board game from our stash…

…and while we played, we inhaled some fun finger-food snacks, like bacon-cheddar pinwheels

…and these cute little ham and fruit picks…

…and a vegetable platter I knew they’d smile about, since it included specials treats like baby corn and Crazy Ranch Dip. (I just mix Ranch dressing with bacon bits and grated cheddar cheese, and they’ll actually eat the vegetables!)

We even pulled out “the good glasses” for some Holiday Cocktail. (We mixed apple juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, and ice.)

And we topped it all off with some yumola chocolate-chip cheesecake dip, only I substituted Heath bits for the chocolate chips (and I must say it was amazing.)  I tried to healthy it up with some apple slices, but to be quite honest I could have easily eaten it straight from the bowl with a spoon!

Later that night during our devotional time, we went over our goals for the new year as a family. Earlier I’d had the kids write theirs down.

(And yes, in case you’re wondering…those ARE Beaver Nuggets they’re eating—a belated Christmas gift from friends who know us too well. I figure if I’m going to require them to do this, I might as well make the task as pleasant as possible.)

As always, I learned some things from my kiddos through this experience. I loved hearing them talk about the things they wanted to work on!

Here’s what Addy came up with. (Gotta love the “try” on #5.)

These were Connor’s:

(The last one is my favorite. This is my shy guy.)

I didn’t take a picture of Chandler’s resolutions, but I’ll tell you right now that they blew me away. He went crazy and wrote two full pages of goals to work toward, and after he read them to us Troy and I just sat there for a while, jaws dropped. (How could my 16-year-old’s goals make mine look so piddly?) Here are just a few examples from his list:

Take criticism with a good attitude, and use it to improve myself.

Do jobs until they’re done. 

Develop a servant’s heart.

Try to see the good in “bad” situations.

Try to see good in every person, especially those who are hard to get along with.

Be a good example to everyone.

Use my time wisely.

Apply Sunday’s sermons throughout the whole week.

Be friendlier and more outgoing.

Use better manners.

Think before I speak. 

Treat everyone with respect.

Enjoy each day.

Don’t take anything for granted.

Yeah…maybe I should ditch my goals and just copy his. I’d be a better person; that’s for sure!

So, are you working hard on your resolutions so far? My friend Lisa and I agreed to go over ours together once a week to help each other be accountable in the areas where we’re trying to improve.  It’s nice to know someone else is praying for your success!

Remember, if you haven’t set new goals yet, it’s not too late! (And feel free to share them in the comments. Hint. Wink. Nudge.)

Thanks for stopping by.


Comments on: "Still ringing" (9)

  1. Umm, I’m gonna go with Chandler’s list! Lol:). I couldn’t have said better myself! I appreciate this because I am inspired to not just think about goals for this new year, but actually write them down (or type them). Thank you so much, Amy! Oh, we love family party evenings! We do it at least once a week. Friday nights are family fun nights for sure! It’s great- you make anything into a party!:) love ya!~ Melissa (realmom8)@ Bones in My Heart

  2. Ooh sorry…(typos, oh bother)…”couln’t have said it better myself” & ” you can make anything into a party”…

    • I knew what you meant. 😉 We do Friday night family nights, too…We just used this as an excuse to sneak in an extra night of fun this week! Enjoy getting your goals on paper. It will make a difference! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Ericka Craven said:

    Awesome lists from EVERYONE! Very touching to watch kids calm down, reflect and be mature enough to be selfless. (One of my resolutions is- “When I feel tension building and the need to raise my voice (usually at my kids), I will stop, breathe, and “reset” before a noise escapes my lips!”

    • Thanks, Ericka. And yes, it’s a joy to watch young people thinking about who they really want to be. I know I need to spend more time focusing on that, myself!

  4. Kelcy Hahn said:

    Awesome post, Ames. Very encouraging.

  5. Rebecca Christopoulos said:

    Your kids are so awesome. Just wanna know if I can also use this one for the Ladies Class? 🙂

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