"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Sometimes I think we don’t give little kids enough credit.  How often do we question whether or not they understand or remember the things we’re teaching them, only to realize later that they do indeed “get it,” and maybe better than we do?

Snow White x 2

Although there are many differing opinions on how to train little ones during a worship service, I personally am OK with taking along small books and other quiet items for very young children to play with during the sermon.  I think it helps them keep busy and quiet at an age when they can’t necessarily understand a higher motivation for reverent behavior.

Even so, from a very young age—around the time they turn two—we teach our children that there are certain times during the service that they must be completely still and quiet. (1) During prayers and (2) during the Lord’s Supper, we put down our crayon, or our book, or our sippy cup (or whatever is being played with at the moment) and we focus. Even very young children are capable of a few minutes of quiet focus at a time, and this prepares them for doing so in longer stretches as they grow older and more mature.

During the weekly communion service, we teach the kids that while the grown-up Christians are taking the Lord’s Supper, we ALL—even the little children—are doing the same thing: thinking about Jesus on the cross.

I asked my three-year-old daughter recently to tell me what she thinks about during this time, and her little brow furrowed as she said:

The people were so mean to Jesus!

They hurt Him, and they laughed at Him.

They poked the thorns on Him, and His blood came out.

Because of the thorns.

At this point her smile returned, and she continued:

But He wasn’t mean to the people.

Even when they were mean to Him!

He was NICE!

Because He loved them.

He loved all the people, even the soldiers.

And He loves US, too.

That’s why He died on the cross and His blood came out.

Yes, I think she gets it. And the eloquence of a three year old is a good enough reminder for me.

She may not be able to put her own shirt on without getting it backwards AND inside out…but she knows the most important thing of all.

Thanks for stopping by!

*What have you learned from a child?  How did it affect your outlook on life? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Comments on: "The gospel according to a three year old" (12)

  1. Perfect and sweet.:)

  2. My daughter and her husband are friends with a black couple we all went to church with in Palm Desert. They have two children – a little boy named Cash and a daughter named Chloe. Judson, my grandson, loves playing with Cash. When he found out his mom was expecting a baby he told her “I want a little brother, and can he be black, like Cash?” Isn’t it wonderful that children are color-blind? Maybe that’s why God wants us to be like little children.

  3. Awesome!!

  4. Love this! Sounds like you’re doing a great job! 🙂

  5. Becki Connel said:

    One topic we sort of tip toed around for a while was the situation some of our loved ones face for eternity. Over several days during school devotional time, we were discussing the topic of being saved and going to heaven, versus being lost and going to hell. We read scripture after scripture. It was like we were working an intricate puzzle; they put the pieces of the puzzle together, and saw the whole picture.

    Finally, both of the children looked at me. Both had tears in their eyes, and almost in unison, they said, “What does that mean for ___? ___? ___?” A hard lesson, but yet so clear.

    Adults muddle through all of this because they add their own “wisdom” and “understanding”. We should just read it for what it is, not adding to it, not taking away from it. Just accept it in its clear, definite beauty.

    • Yes, Becki, that’s a hard one. Kids don’t have all the “baggage” so they see the truth more clearly. One more reason we’re supposed to be like them?

  6. Rebecca Christopoulos said:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. You’re children are so blessed to have you & Troy as parents, keep up the GREAT job & yes give God the glory. Love you.

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