"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

The joy of the hunt

Hiding and hunting Easter eggs has to be one of my favorite activities of the year.

I should say it’s a favorite of my kids, but the truth is I love it, too!

I love the happy smiles on their faces as they search.

I love that they RUN, not because they choose to, but because in their excitement they just can’t help it.

I love the way my little one proudly and excitedly holds up each egg she finds for me to see.

This year we told the boys they could be the egg hiders. Here is Connor’s Nacho Libre pose, which he struck in order to distract Addy from the egg he’s standing on:

This picture is so very Addy…Notice she’s not even hunting for eggs, but picking flowers, and has the dirt on her knees to show for it:

Then again, I guess she wasn’t the only one picking flowers instead of just picking up eggs…

The boys couldn’t bear the thought of not having any candy of their own, so we let the girls hide some eggs for them, too. Here’s how Remington hides eggs:

They were so well hidden on the bridge…

…and out in the middle of the walkway…

…and smack in the middle of the picnic table, too. She was so proud of her work.

I told Connor that if he wanted candy, he had to carry a basket and “do it right.” He didn’t seem to be too bothered…

From our family to yours, have a very happy Easter, and remember to celebrate His resurrection throughout the whole year.

Thanks for stopping by!

(See my other posts about hiding and about eggs and more eggs.)


Comments on: "The joy of the hunt" (8)

  1. leahcoats said:

    Love these pics! 🙂

  2. Rebecca said:

    They are great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are great pics, Amy! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  4. Awesome pics! Looks like the kids had a great time. I always love this yearly tradition too!

    My next door neighbor has an annual Easter Egg hunt in her yard (which is wooded) and sets out enormous amounts of eggs for the kids of several neighbor families & long time friends. This year her son had to have emergency gall bladder surgery just before Easter, so it was postponed. We had it today instead. My boys were SO psyched! They hid 900 eggs! The kids had a blast, and I think we adults have just as much fun watching and helping them find them. I took a few pics which I’ll try to get posted this week.

  5. How fun! So funny they found 900…I didn’t even hide 100 for all four of mine! Oh, well, still great fun…

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