"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Faith and Freckles

In our family, we often giggle about the way our 3-year-old daughter’s prayers tend to get all muddled up.

For example, I once said, “Don’t forget to pray for Daddy to be safe on the road. He’s doing a lot of driving today.” Her prayer?

“God, please don’t let Daddy fall out of the car while he’s driving it.”

When I asked her to remember her big brother during the first day of his new job, she prayed,

“Please, God, don’t let anyone steal Chandler while he’s at work.”

We laugh, but in reality some of those little-girl prayers show a whole lot of faith. Like when she prayed,

“Dear God, Thank you for the dog…that we don’t have.”

She often thanks God for funny things, but usually they’re things we actually have. Like fingernails. Or paper. We laughed about the dog…the one we didn’t have, but that she was thankful for anyway. We laughed harder when she started praying for the unknown dog by name.

We laughed, but you know what? Here we are, just a couple of weeks later, introducing to you the newest member of our family.

Meet Freckles, our new Border Collie…

And yes, she actually has freckles, so she fits in perfectly with our family.

Pray in faith, friends!

Thanks for stopping by.


Comments on: "Faith and Freckles" (9)

  1. leahcoats said:

    Very sweet! Love Freckles! 🙂

  2. Ellen Tidwell said:

    Awww! Love the dog and the name! Thank you for the reminders and giggles!! Keep writing and smiling and I’ll keep reading!!!

  3. Cute! And Freckles is cute, too!

  4. Larissa said:

    Oh I love border collies! Our family pet for most of my childhood was a border collie named jake (from the country song, “feed jake, he’s been a good dog”) so they will always have a very special place in my heart! She is a pretty puppy too!

  5. What a sweet face! Can’t wait to meet her!

  6. Rebecca said:

    Awe, how sweet and thank you for all those reminders that we should always keep in our heart & mind. Lots of love to all.

  7. Dana Martin said:

    Congratulations! So happy for you to find Freckles! Can’t wait to hear more about her and how she’s adjusting to all the fun.

  8. Maria Hodge-Davis said:

    Amy – so glad all of us at All Border Collie Rescue were able to reunite Freckles with your family – a truly blessed chain of events! She is an amazing animal and welcome to come stay with us anytime!

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