"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

I’m always a little surprised at what my three year old is listening to. (Read: I’m scared.)

After spending a week in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, I made this comment:

I don’t see how anyone could spend a week at this camp and not come away changed.

After all, we learned a LOT about God and forgiveness, and barring a heart of rocks, that has to change a person from the inside out. It’s the best thing about camp.

I still stand by that statement. But to be honest, I wasn’t really applying it to my preschooler.  Yes, she was there. Yes, she “participated” in all the classes and worship services. But I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for how much she’d actually bring home with her.

As usual, she got her facts a little mixed up. (OK, maybe a lot mixed up.)  But she was listening! I know this because a full four days after we returned, she was riding along in her car seat when out of the blue, this narrative came spilling out:

Finally, the OLDER brother got a job.

At Camp Bandina.

Feeding the swiney pigs.

I think he just threw it at them so he wouldn’t get dirty.

Then he ran all the way home.

And his father hugged and hugged him.

But the OTHER brother, he was mean.

Not the OLDER brother, because he GOT a birthday.

But the OTHER brother yelled at him and said, “HEY! Why didn’t you give ME a birthday!”

All of this was followed by a random exclamation of,

We have PLENTY of hairs on our heads!

So, my friends, be careful what you say around a three year old. She just might be listening!

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Comments on: "The prodigal son according to a three year old" (12)

  1. Janice (mom) said:

    Love it! When she sits by me in church, she often “repeats” a phrase she’s hearing (or even a hymn number to make sure I got it) that’s apparently made an impression of some sort on her. And that while she’s doodling. Amazing what they pick up!

    • Kevin Cain did a lesson at camp on all the Scriptures where God refers to us as “the apple of His eye.” Even though Remi was “busy” with other things, every SINGLE time he said that phrase, she looked up and giggled! 🙂

  2. I love her! (Oh, and you, too!)

  3. Peyton and Megan still talk about Remi and how much fun they had at camp. It was truly a great week.

  4. Rebecca said:

    I was not much of a reader not to long ago, but I just LOVE to read all your postings. They are so motivating for me. Please do not ever stop writing. Also I think most of the time they are tear jerkers & that is ok (tears of joy). Love ya 🙂

  5. “And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matt 10:30
    Well, she might not have gotten it quite right, but at least she was listening!

  6. leahcoats said:

    Kids are amazing!!! This is one of my favorite things about being a Momma! 🙂

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