"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

That’s your emergency?

You never know when you might need to help someone out, even if you’re only three years old. So I’ve been teaching my little one how to dial 911 in case of emergency, and also what constitutes a true emergency. Thankfully, she gets it.

Or, at least, I thought she did.

While riding along in the grocery cart, she picked up a package of Ramen Noodles—

(Yes, I let my kids eat those. They love them, they can make them themselves, and they’re incredibly cheap.)

—and used it to place the call.

Rather than, “Help, 911!” I got this earful instead:

Hello? Border Collie rescue? Please, you have to help me!  I need to order a pizza. I want it to have chicken pot pie, beans and rice, and cereal on it. Thank you.

Even the grocery store is fun with this little booger around!

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Comments on: "That’s your emergency?" (6)

  1. just love it :-), thanks for sharing

  2. Too funny! I love her expressions! Love hearing about her big sister’s sweet tooth, too!

  3. Emma always says she’ll call 991 if we have an emergency! Hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon! 🙂

    • Yes…I hope your emergencies hold off at least until she gets the right number in her memory! Remi used to always say she’d call 911,911. Who knows, in a real emergency she might just call Border Collie Rescue instead.

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