"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

Sam who??


Do you remember the character, Sam Drucker, who was the shopkeeper and postmaster on the 1960’s sitcom, Green Acres? We watched that show several months ago, but clearly my three year old still remembers it.

Or, maybe not so clearly.

I overheard her pretending to be SAM DRUNKER!

Hope you’re smiling today!

Thanks for stopping by.


Comments on: "Sam who??" (3)

  1. Jonesingafter40 said:

    Hi Amy! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. This post did make me smile, I love the things that small children say. Following.

  2. Thanks! I do, too. I often think that the fact that kids are so expensive is countered by the fact that they provide so much free entertainment! 🙂 Thanks for following Why Amy Smiles!

  3. I absolutely LOVED “Green Acres”! The theme song is running though my head right now. (Thanks for that!) I’m not sure, though, about the wisdom of telling the world that your child is a “drunker”.

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