"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

The first thing my four-year-old daughter did upon waking this morning was start planning her wedding, and I thought I’d share with you what she came up with:

The bride-to-be

Remington: the bride-to-be

She will be wearing a pink and purple wedding gown, and carrying purple roses.

She’ll also have on shiny, purple “glip gloss.”

She will be 69 years old.

Her groom will act like a gentleman, and after their kiss, he, too, will be wearing shiny, purple “glip gloss.”

Her flower girls will be her big sister (who at that time would be over 75 years old!) and Jensen, who is just a few months younger than Remi.

At her reception, olives, fish sticks, and grape cake will be served.

As she and her groom leave, wedding guests will throw flowers at the departing couple.

She will not be taking a honeymoon, because “that only happens on Dick Van Dyke.”

However, if she were to take a honeymoon, it would be to Chick-fil-A.Ā  (But she wouldn’t go into the play area; only her children would do that.)

At this point, I asked her, “How many children do you plan to have?”

Her reply:

“A LOT! Like YOU! You love ALL your kids!”

At least she got that part right.

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Comments on: "She’s planning her wedding" (14)

  1. You MUST keep this and give it to her when she begins to plan her REAL wedding! (Think she got the “purple” from Katie’s wedding?)

    • and the glip gloss from Grandma :-), Amy thank you for sharing

    • Mom–I am so not ready to think about her real wedding! And yes, she got the purple from Kati’s, I’m sure.

      Rebecca–I’m sure she’ll look to Grandma for that shiny, purple glip gloss when she needs it.

  2. leahcoats said:

    Love this! šŸ™‚ She’s s cutie!

  3. Oh, I needed that laugh today! Thanks for sharing. Tell your sweet Remi that even though I will be about 120 years old I will be happy to help with the reception duties…oh, maybe strawberries like her mom’s reception?! šŸ˜‰ Love her!

  4. April Vernon said:

    What a sweetie! I will pray to live to 107 so I can be there to see it (and eat grape cake).

  5. Oh, funny! I agree that you need to print this out and save it for her!

    • Amanda, great idea…unless she really waits to age 69 to get married…in which case my 108-year-old memory might make it hard to remember where I put it… šŸ™‚

  6. What a beautiful little lady! I am curious how you came up with her name. The reason I ask is I have a brother named Remington and would never have thought of it as a girls name. I love the nickname Remi, though! Sounds very girly. We call my brother Rem. šŸ™‚

    • Hi, Sundae…Remi is the sixth member of our family, so by the time I was expecting her we already had five opinions weighing in on every name we considered! There was always someone who didn’t like any name we talked about, until “Remington.” We were at a talent show and a 10-year-old girl got up to sing. They introduced her as Remington [someone] and my husband and I looked at each other, eyes wide…We both loved it and so did the other kids. So, Remington it was. Our other daughter, Addison, goes by Addy, so it was natural to shorten Remington to Remi. And yes, she is very girly (sometimes)!

  7. Oh that is adorable. And I’m sure she will be a beautiful bride with a lovely wedding day. šŸ™‚

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