"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25


Young children pick up their native language at an astonishing rate. I am always amazed at how quickly and effortlessly they grow to understand vocabulary and syntax without any formal instruction. Of course, sometimes there are bumps along the way, which provide plenty of free entertainment for those witnessing them.

A while back Remi went through a stage where she often substituted words and phrases she knew for those that weren’t familiar or didn’t make sense to her. Here are a couple of examples:

She found a package of these ….

…. and asked, “Hey, Mommy, do you think Daddy would mind if I ate some of his Sesame Streets?”

A week later we went through the drive-through at Whataburger and got a vanilla malt, the first malt she’d ever tasted. Apparently, she liked it; the whole way home, she kept asking, “Can I have another drink of that Malt-O-Meal?”

Here’s where I’ll open it up to the rest of you: What funny things have you heard from the mouths of little ones? Please share them in the comments so we can all smile together!

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  1. Probably my favorite was about a year & a half ago when I picked my middle son up from Pre-K. He told me they had been studying the letter “L” in class. “And what begins with the letter ‘L’?” I asked him. His reply: “L-ephant!”

  2. Deanna Hope said:

    When I would suggest, “hey let’s go swimming,” at about the age of two, Jilly would reply, “OK, let me go put on my baby soup.”

  3. Yvonne Robinson said:

    “This one time, when I was picking my nose……………” I’ll leave you to guess which one said this.

  4. Once when my sons were 3 and 2, the three year old came to the bathroom where I was putting on my makeup, to see what I was up to. He went back to his brother and told him I was putting on “scare ’em.” The two year old asked why and he answered, “I guess she wants to scare someone.” He meant mascara!!

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