"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

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Sweet creativity

I love the way kids are so naturally creative!  I especially love it when they use their creativity to encourage others. Our daughter, Addison, does this every day. If her little sister requests a puppet, Addy will drop everything to make her one. (Like this fly-catching felt frog…)

She made Remi this fishing game, too–complete with crab, seahorse, and paper clip hook–just to give her something fun to play with:

Sweet Addy never wants anyone to feel left out. When she got a new locket, she decided that Remi needed one, too, so she made her one of her very own (complete with love notes inside).

Once I told her how cool I thought her new diary was. The next day I found this sweet gift on my pillow…

…complete with paper-clip hooks and a combination lock. BEST. DIARY. EVER.

She saw her brothers playing Wii Tennis and decided they’d probably have more fun playing with rackets, instead of the plain old remotes. But, no need to go out and buy them…

I love that she even cut holes in all the right places (for the wrist strap, etc.)

One day she heard Remi crying and rushed off to design the cutest lion puppet ever to cheer her up.

And when Chandler was sick, she knew a puppet would make him feel better, too, so she went all out on this one. (You can imagine how long it took to glue on all those sequins!)

A while back a tiny kitten showed up at our back door. Addy fell in love with it and decided to nurse it until we found its mother, so she made a little cat basket from a plastic tote and a washcloth. Then she went to work creating clothes for it from an old sock.

kitty sweater = adorable

I hope Addy always gets joy out of using her creativity for the benefit of others.

I could learn a thing or two from this girl.

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Service with a smile

I was sick, and I was sick of being sick. Then my daughter bounded into the room with this sweet, homemade card in hand and a big, proud smile across her face.

If you’ve spent any time around me, or even if you’ve just browsed my blog posts, you’ve probably heard me say these words: “I want to be like Addy.” And it’s true; I do. While she’s only nine years old, Addy inspires me every day to be a better person.

Usually, it’s her sunny disposition and her ability to find joy in just about every situation. But now, I’ve found another of her qualities I know I need to emulate: her willingness–no, her DESIRE–to serve others.

While I was sick, she literally begged me to give her “slave jobs.” She insisted that I stay in bed while she brought me drinks, food, and whatever else she thought I might need. She presented me with a bell to clang whenever I needed something so I wouldn’t hurt my throat calling her, and she later added a paper towel tube that I could use to project my voice…just in case she didn’t hear the bell. She left a two-liter bottle of Coke Zero right beside me, but then insisted I call her each time I needed a refill so she could pour it for me.

At first I tried to talk her out of waiting on me hand and foot, but eventually I realized that she was happiest when I was letting her serve me. How much I need to learn from this child!

What if we all went through life that way–begging others to let us serve them, and being happiest while doing so? Wouldn’t it be great to find out?

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The secret of the night-night

Before our first son was born, I read of the benefits for babies and toddlers of having attachments to special toys or blankets which can provide comfort for them when parents aren’t available or sleep won’t come. It seemed like a fine idea and we tried everything we could think of to make it happen, but apparently Chandler didn’t feel the need to be attached to anything besides us.

When our second son came along we tried again, but it didn’t take with Connor, either. By the time our first daughter was born, we’d abandoned the idea altogether. After all, our kids just weren’t among those who formed attachments to inanimate objects, right?


It happened quite by accident. Our friends Margie and Lorene had given us a soft, purple blanket for Addison before she was born, and while it was just one of many that we used with her, it became her very special blankie…or, as she called it, her “night-night.” (A fitting name, that, since she couldn’t go night-night without it.)

The more attached she got, the more I wondered how I could ever have TRIED to do that to the boys. What a hassle to be constantly looking for that worn, ratty blanket! It was so hard to pry out of her chubby little fists that it didn’t get laundered nearly as often as I’d have liked, so it was always a little embarrassing taking it out in public. It was getting quite tattered around the edges and always looked a little grimy. But, it made Addy happy, and that made us happy. (Some of you have been there. You know just what I’m talking about.)

The night-night went everywhere Addison went. EVERYWHERE.

On two different occasions, the night-night accidentally went home with other families after our Wednesday night Bible class. Neither family lived in our town. Yet, both times, late-night phone calls and late night-meetings ensued. (My apologies to those friends, but I like my sleep and it wasn’t going to happen without that precious piece of frayed, smelly cloth in my daughter’s crib.)

Then, finally, the unthinkable happened. The night-night disappeared. It was really, truly lost, and to say it was a nightmare for our whole family would be a gross understatement.  While I’m sure it was a matter of nights, it seemed like it took Addy months to get over that silly, icky blanket. One sweet friend even ordered her a brand new one exactly like it (only not so gross), but it met with instant rejection.

Fast forward several months. I was rearranging furniture and sending some old toys packing, and lo and behold, I found the night-night, lovingly stuffed in the microwave of Addy’s toy kitchen. Of course, by then she was over her obsession, so I should have tossed the blanket out, but—Can you keep a secret?—I still have the night-night! (And Addy is NINE years old!)

I know that might sound a little silly. Or a lot silly. (Ridiculous, even?) But though I’ve become pretty ruthless about tossing out what we no longer need, this is one scrap of sentimental clutter I just can’t bear to get rid of.

Because after all, that would be like giving my big girl permission to no longer be my baby.

And I’m just not ready for that.

(This blast from the past was inspired by this post.)

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