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This boy

Just yesterday I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, bouncing baby boy. Well, OK, maybe it wasn’t yesterday…but it sure doesn’t seem like it was fifteen years ago! The calendar tells me it was, though, and the fact that I can no longer “bounce” him seems to verify that fact.

{age 6}

I guess there’s other evidence of his age, too. He doesn’t play with toy cars anymore; he’s much more interested in real ones. We no longer own Lincoln Logs or Bionicles for him to put together; he’d rather be listening to music. He no longer catches frogs; he’d rather be catching fish.

I learn something from him just about every day. He is taller than me, but sweet and gentle. He’s a hard worker with a quick wit and a unique sense of humor that keeps me laughing. He’s a great cook and a fantastic big brother. Most importantly, he loves the Lord, and he’s trying to live for Him.

I am so thankful for Connor!

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Commute conversations

Our spring homeschool co-op started this week, and as we were leaving the house my son asked my daughter what classes she was taking this year. When she replied that her schedule included Thread Crochet, American Girl, and Crafts, his response was,  “Those are all GIRL classes!” (I pointed out that she is, indeed, a girl, so it seemed appropriate to me. He was unfazed.)

Big brother continued, “They’ll probably do a bunch of GIRL crafts; things like ‘Make a little diary about your favorite rainbow’ or something.”

Random, unrelated photo #1 (because obviously I don't have pictures of these conversations, and because Addy even makes cleaning out the garage fun)

When we left at the end of the afternoon, we had to head straight to another appointment. Below is a record of my conversation with the kiddos during that drive:

Them: Man…we are sooooooo hungry.

Me: Yeah, me too. If I weren’t mad at all of you, I’d stop and get you each a lemon pie.

Them: WHAT?! Why are you mad at us?

Me: Just to save money.

(They didn’t think this was nearly as funny as I thought it was.)

Random, unrelated photo #2 (because don't you just love how tee-tiny little baby teeth are?)

I hope each of you is having a great day and enjoying your conversations with those around you. 🙂

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