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Enjoy the short ride

I’ve been riding my bike in the mornings before the kids wake up. Although I enjoy the solitude of those quiet morning rides, I was delighted when my oldest son announced last night that he was going to get up early and ride with me today. And he did.

In the beginning, he rode behind me, and I did the usual mom-worry thing…checking behind me to see if he was alright, to see if he was still following me, and to make sure he was riding safely.

At a certain point, he caught up with me…and then he passed me. It happened just as we entered the gravel path in the park, which I consider the most challenging part of my simple route. And he just took off.

And I thought to myself, This is how it’s supposed to be.

We do our best to lead our children, to show them the way. We worry about them and have a fierce desire to protect them. But eventually they go off on their own. And it’s all good…but I know that day will come way too fast.

The way we used to ride (Eindhoven, The Netherlands--1997)

We continued on our ride for a while longer. At one point he needed to run into the house, and I pedaled on without him. Although we had ridden single file most of the way, which meant we hadn’t really been able talk, it suddenly seemed so quiet without him there.

And I thought to myself, This is what it’s going to be like.

Right now our home is a noisy place. Sometimes the din and chaos make me crazy…but I know it isn’t going to last. And when that first child vacates our little nest, even though he’ll be leaving three siblings behind, I know it’s going to seem way too quiet around here.

So I made a determination today. Again. A resolve to enjoy every single moment–however loud, or busy, or overwhelming it might be. Because our little ones won’t be little forever, and they won’t always need us the way they do now.

I’ll cling to Proverbs 22:6…“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

I’ll be thankful for these brief moments, and I’ll remind myself often what a privilege this is. Will you do the same?

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