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They are us

Those of you who stop by here regularly may remember from this post, or maybe from this one, that my youngest daughter often surprises me with her unexpected responses to my questions. I love her original answers and wish I took the time to document more of them.

Last fall we enjoyed going through this little preschool workbook together:

On one occasion, I showed her the picture below and asked the related question: “What game are the children playing?”

Her answer? “Math.”

OK, so I guess I can appreciate that she noticed the numbers and made that connection. But mostly, I’m thinking we need to bust out that sidewalk chalk way more often around here!

A few pages later, she correctly answered the first question, “What can you use to write letters to friends?” with “Computer.” (Although, I think the answer I would have given as a child–pen and paper–would have been perfectly acceptable, too. Just sayin’.)

To the bonus question, “What else can you do with it?” she answered, “Work on my blog.” Yes, she said “MY blog.” As in, Remington’s.

Bear in mind that she has almost never seen me working on my own blog, as I usually only do that when she’s asleep. I guess that’s why it struck me as funny when I found her sitting at the kids’ computer desk one day, and asked her what she was doing, and she answered, “Oh, I’m just working. On my blog.”

(Notice that the computer isn’t even on!)

You know where I’m going with this, right? Our children ARE watching us. What are they seeing? What are they copying?

I love this quote by David Bly:

Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.

Kind of scary, huh? But it’s also very motivating. If we want our kids to be world changers; if we want them to be honest and hardworking and loving and forgiving; if we want them to be people of integrity, then let’s work on having those characteristics ourselves. We can’t ask of them what we’re not willing to do.

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Baseball, not blogging

Two years ago, I made my first foray into the world of blogging with the launch of Why Amy Smiles.

One year ago, I took my first break from blogging because I was all wrapped up in this:

And now, a year later, I’ve taken my second extended break, but for a different reason.

This spring has kept us hopping. The culprit? Baseball season!

Photo by Trey Granger

Photo by Trey Granger

I am proud of Chandler. When we told him we weren’t able to pay for the homeschool baseball league he wanted to join, he went out and got a job. Except for what he gave back to God on Sundays, he saved every penny and used it to pay for the fees, uniforms, and equipment he needed.

Photo by Trey Granger

Photo by Trey Granger

I am proud of Chandler because he knew that being the new guy on the team this year meant he might not get as much playing time as the more seasoned players would. But whether he was on the bench, at the plate, or in the field, his attitude blew me away. This young man loves baseball!

Photo by Trey Granger

Photo by Trey Granger

So forgive me for abandoning this blog for a time while we drove all over the world (or, so it seemed) to watch our firstborn enjoy his, and America’s, favorite pastime.  Thanks to all of you who prodded me to get going again, and to all who understand that, as long as I have kids at home, I am a mom first. 

And although I wasn’t sharing them with you here, there were plenty of things that made me smile while I was away. I am glad to be back, and look forward to catching up.

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