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Celebrating the first

Several weeks back, our oldest son came to me with a big smile on his face. Now, this can be a scary thing, as all parents know. I braced myself for whatever I was about to find out, but I was still unprepared for the news he shared: That day marked his first full year as a Christian.

The birthday boy

At first, I felt kind of guilty for not realizing this myself. After all, I would NEVER in a million years forget any of my children’s birthdays, so how could I have forgotten this most important of birthdays?  This was a really big deal! But this is a blog about why I smile, not about the many reasons I find to feel guilty, so let me assure you that I did quickly realize that the important thing was that he remembered. I’m glad it was on his mind, and that it made him so happy to share it.

I am proud of Chandler. I see him growing. I see him struggling. I see him becoming a leader. I know that first year wasn’t an easy one, but I can clearly see the progress he’s making. I love hearing him talk about what he reads in his Bible. I love being reminded of how strongly he believes. I love seeing him take on roles of service. And I love watching the kind of big brother he works on being.

I love that he is serious about being a Christian.

I think back to that wonderful day when I almost missed his baptism. That morning, just as we were leaving for Bible class, the door to our vehicle–our RUNNING vehicle–got shut and locked (with us on the outside, of course). The rest of the family went on in Troy’s car, while I stayed behind to wait for the locksmith.

But Chandler was ready that day. He was ready to become a child of God, and he wasn’t going to wait another moment. Thankfully, I made it to the church building just in time to hear his confession of faith…and to see him immersed into Christ…and to witness that first hug from his dad as he came up out of the water. I was glad I’d made it in time, but I was also glad he hadn’t waited for me. He knew what he needed to do.

Happy first birthday, Chandler. While I may have missed the date on the calendar, I’m definitely celebrating.

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