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The night I always cry

I cried last night, and to be honest, it wasn’t a big surprise. I do this regularly—four times a year, to be precise. On the eve of each child’s birthday, I bawl like a baby. (In fact, just for today, I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog to “Why Amy Bawls.”)

You see, my baby girl is turning three today…

Last night of two

…so I wasn’t a bit surprised when the tears began welling up last night.

Here’s how it usually goes:

I start getting teary as I tuck the child into bed the night before his or her big day. I can’t help it—I know it will be the last time I ever get a hug from two-year-old Remi, for example…The last kiss from my two-year old…The last time to tell two-year-old Remi goodnight.

I make a valiant effort to get myself together for the sake of my (confused) child. But once she’s asleep, I sneak back into her room. As I watch her sleep, I think about what a gift this child has been to our family. I think about the day she was born, and how much she’s grown since then. I think about how fast the years are going by. And the tears return. (Does anyone else do this?)

I consider the fact that every birthday that goes by means that we are another year closer to the time when this beloved child will fly away from our little nest. (Why do I torture myself this way?)

And then, I remind myself that we really don’t know how long we’ll have any of our children—maybe for 18 years, but then again, maybe not. At this point, I fall on my knees, thanking God for every moment we’ve had with this little one so far, and begging Him for more. 

Watching the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest as she dreams, I am amazed that God chose to bless me in this way, and I plead with Him to help me be a better mother in the coming year than I’ve ever been before.

The GOOD thing about these quarterly crying jags is that I get all my blubbering out of my system the night before the child’s birthday, and by the next day I’m fine—happy, and ready to enjoy the day of celebration.

So no…now that I think about it, I won’t be changing my blog title after all. This is a GREAT day, and I have every reason to smile.

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Celebrating twenty in tranquility

Twenty years. I still can’t believe we’ve been married for twenty years.

As much as we love our kiddos, we knew this called for a celebration without them, so we left all four of them with their grandparents and headed to Lake Whitney to celebrate in peace and quiet…just the two of us, and God, and nature. As expected, the trip flew by in a moment. Come along for a little peek at how we spent our time…

We sat around our campfire having long, uninterrupted conversations. We looked up at the stars and tried to find and name the constellations. We relaxed in a hammock hung between the trees. We picnicked among squirrels and wildflowers.

We spent LOTS of time fishing. We fished from the rocky bluff right behind our campsite…

and from our kayaks…

and from places all along the shore.

(Did you notice the little rainbow just below his reel?)

We seined together for bait (which was unsuccessful, but fun).  Troy threw out the cast net hoping for bait, and actually caught several good-sized fish in it.

We both did lots of wading, too.

Silly as it may sound, watching our bobbers floating side by side created a feeling of happy contentment. Very. Very. Relaxing.

Of course, actually catching  fish is just the icing on the cake…

I caught this guy just before midnight our last night there. Night fishing rocks!

We both LOVE to hike and rarely get to do it, but on this trip we enjoyed hiking several trails together…

and taking lots of walks…

and quiet strolls around the lake.

We continued our uninterrupted conversations and enjoyed lots of peace and quiet. Most of the time, all we could hear were things like the wind rustling through the leaves…

and crickets chirping overhead…

and water lapping against the rocks…

and birds singing in the trees…

and our campfire crackling.

(Did I mention we were able to have lots of uninterrupted conversations? NICE.)

Oh, and I sure loved waking up to this beautiful sight…

I also loved that just at the edge of our campsite, this little trail led right to a rocky bluff overlooking “our” part of the lake…

One of my favorite memories of the trip was taking our chairs out to the bluff to watch the sun go down. We turned a bucket upside down to hold our big jug of sweet tea and while we talked (uninterrupted), we were blessed with this for our view:

Troy found these HUGE marsmallows for us to roast…

and they made for some enormous s’mores.

We also roasted jalepeno-cheese sausages to put on buns for our lunch…

and ate Frito pie by firelight and moonlight.

We saw some AMAZING sunsets.

On the first night of our trip, I was sneaking past my sleeping husband to go out for a drink of water. I had my hand on the tent zipper when I saw the shadow of the hefty raccoon that walked right by our tent and started exploring  the area around our picnic table. (Yes, of COURSE I woke Troy up to scare it away!) We saw lots of deer, wild turkey, raccoons, birds, armadillos, squirrels, snakes, and rabbits.

The sunsets, the  lake, the wildlife, the stars…..They all reminded us that our God is The Great Artist.

Even some parts of the trip that weren’t perfect were pretty much perfect. One night there was a magnificent thunderstorm. (Remember, we were in a tent!) We ran to our vehicle in the middle of the night….Our intention was to keep safe, of course, but we ended up driving out to the end of a peninsula where we were able to watch a “show” better than any we’ve ever paid to see.  And, we were the only ones at this drive-in!

I guess the same (imperfect=perfect) could be said about marriage. These last twenty years haven’t been perfect. They haven’t always been easy. But, they’ve definitely been worth it! I thank God for blessing our marriage, our family, our lives together. I thank all of you who have served as our role models. I thank Troy for hanging in there with me for twenty whole years, and I’m looking forward to the next twenty.

Thanks for coming along to check out our trip. Here’s one last photo for you, of something only God can do:

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