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Clay and gratitude

I like this piece. I like being reminded to be grateful every single time I walk through the living room.

Now, I am also reminded each time I pass it that I have a very creative and imaginative son, who can turn a piece of clay into just about anything. Because this is the little guy who’s taken up residence on top of the frame…

Yep, Chandler can do anything with clay.

Are you thankful today?

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In the words of a teenager

Teenagers are so much fun. This year, one of my favorite parts of the (year-round) school day is checking my son’s composition assignments. He does a ten-minute creative writing warm-up each day to help get the brain juices flowing, and I am thoroughly enjoying the results.

Some of them I have loved because they’ve given me a peek into his heart and allowed me to know him better. (You probably won’t see many of those reprinted here!)

Some are just plain funny.  (Even those teach me something about the author, like reminding me once again how important food is to a teenage boy.)  Here’s a short example:

“If I had been a pilgrim, I would have…”

~probably been hungry a lot.

~hunted for food.

~worn a big hat.

~been confused a lot.

~had to work hard.

~used old English.

~not been a baseball fan (until I invented it).

~had all my clothes custom made.

~worn ugly shoes.

~been homeschooled.

~not had to study American history.

Guess I can’t argue against the truthfulness of any of them! So nice to have yet another reason to smile each day…..

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