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Stepping back in time

“When it rains it pours.”

Whoever first said that sure knew what he was talking about. Lately my growing pile of aggravations has been threatening to bury me. Thankfully, I’ve got a secret weapon. Want to know what it is?

I’ve noticed that the more frustration I have to deal with, the more crucial it becomes for me to focus on all the things I’m thankful for in life…to really, truly count my blessings so that they’re at the forefront of my mind, blocking out that mass of junk that’s totally out of my control, anyway.

As we stepped back in time today during our field trip, it was easy to add to my list of thankful things.

I watched the demonstrators and was thankful that I don’t have to wear four to seven layers of clothes…and a corset. (Well, sometimes I wish we DID wear corsets…but then I remember how much I like being able to breathe.)

I watched a whole lot of work being done to produce all the simple tools and products we take for granted every day, and I was thankful that my daily work is so light by comparison.

I watched the kids in the print shop and was thankful for all the technology that sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out…because other times, it makes my life much easier. I was thankful, too, for good books…especially, THE Good Book.

I watched them playing with the old-fashioned toys and was thankful that all of my children are healthy and have the energy and creativity to play.

I listened to some marvelous banjo playing and was thankful for music and the ways it affects us, and for the talent so many have, and their willingness to share it with the rest of us.

I watched my children enjoying the day with their friends, and was thankful for all the special people God has put in our lives and the ways we are able to help each other through trying times. I was thankful for fun and laughter and friendship.

We toured the old homes, and I was thankful for air conditioning and electronics and convenient appliances.

We sat in a one-room schoolhouse, and I was thankful for all the things I’m being privileged to learn alongside my children. And…I was thankful for field trips.

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Sweet creativity

I love the way kids are so naturally creative!  I especially love it when they use their creativity to encourage others. Our daughter, Addison, does this every day. If her little sister requests a puppet, Addy will drop everything to make her one. (Like this fly-catching felt frog…)

She made Remi this fishing game, too–complete with crab, seahorse, and paper clip hook–just to give her something fun to play with:

Sweet Addy never wants anyone to feel left out. When she got a new locket, she decided that Remi needed one, too, so she made her one of her very own (complete with love notes inside).

Once I told her how cool I thought her new diary was. The next day I found this sweet gift on my pillow…

…complete with paper-clip hooks and a combination lock. BEST. DIARY. EVER.

She saw her brothers playing Wii Tennis and decided they’d probably have more fun playing with rackets, instead of the plain old remotes. But, no need to go out and buy them…

I love that she even cut holes in all the right places (for the wrist strap, etc.)

One day she heard Remi crying and rushed off to design the cutest lion puppet ever to cheer her up.

And when Chandler was sick, she knew a puppet would make him feel better, too, so she went all out on this one. (You can imagine how long it took to glue on all those sequins!)

A while back a tiny kitten showed up at our back door. Addy fell in love with it and decided to nurse it until we found its mother, so she made a little cat basket from a plastic tote and a washcloth. Then she went to work creating clothes for it from an old sock.

kitty sweater = adorable

I hope Addy always gets joy out of using her creativity for the benefit of others.

I could learn a thing or two from this girl.

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