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They’re teaching us

You’ve probably heard me say it before: I’m sure I learn way more from my kids each day than they ever learn from me. And, if you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced the same. It seems every day I observe something in them that I should be emulating…a sacrificial attitude, the ability to change moods quickly, or the knack for finding joy in the everyday drudgery of life.  I watch them and become motivated to do better.

Recently, however, I experienced a more direct lesson.

Our nine-year-old daughter came to me to let me know she’d made up her first devotional talk. It wasn’t really FOR anyone or anything in particular…she’d just been thinking about it. She had a sparkly little box in her hand, and this is what she said:

“This box reminds me of what Satan tries to do to us. He wants to distract us from what’s really important by showing us things that LOOK really exciting.”

“But, once we get into them, we see that they’re not all we thought they’d be. They’re EMPTY.”

“And sometimes, by the time we realize it, he has TRAPPED us in whatever he’d used to attract us.”

I asked Addy to share those thoughts with the rest of the family that night during our family devotional, and she did. The next day, our two-year-old, who never wants to be left out of anything, said SHE had a lesson, too. She’d found a stack of fun-foam pages and started banging them on the table, saying,

“In the beginning, when it was DARK…

(Flips black page down to show white…)

“God said, ‘Hey! Let’s have LIGHT!”

I’ve always hoped my kids would grow up to teach others what they know. Praise God, it looks like they’ve already started.

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