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Peace and monkeys

Not long ago, Curious George made an appearance at our local Chick-Fil-A. Our girls had just seen what our toddler refers to as “The Monkey Movie” and said toddler had become quite fond of “that monkey.”¬† The boys were away at camp so I decided to take the girls to see George. But I ended up seeing something much more impressive…

Yes, I got some fun pictures that evening. You might think my favorite would be this one…

…or this one….

…or maybe this…

…but, you’d be wrong.

Yes, I like the pictures I got of them dancing together…

…especially when they started doing the chicken dance!

But neither of those was my favorite, either. The best picture I got that night may well be the worst picture I took. And I love it more than I can say:

What you might see: The girls with their backs to the camera, with the only face showing being¬† that of some stranger, and who knows what they’re doing because, well, their backs are to the camera!

What I see: A nine-year-old girl who had waited patiently in line for a VERY long time to get her face painted, but who, when her little sister (who wants to do everything she does) ran up to her just as it was about to be her turn, didn’t think twice about lifting her up into her lap and letting her go first. (No one was behind her.) It was automatic. I almost cried, but instead I grabbed my camera and got this less-than-stellar shot, which is definitely my favorite of the night.

I love the lessons we learn from little children. I love that they can be both innocent and mature at the same time. I love that I got that picture, and that I’ll always remember what’s behind it.

I thought the symbol she chose was only appropriate! (Her sister’s didn’t surprise me, either.)

I hope you’re having a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


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