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You call that hiding?

“Mommy, I’m hiding! Come find me!”

And so I began to search the room, and as I rounded the foot of the bed, this is what I saw:

Of course I laughed out loud. Of course I grabbed my camera. And then it hit me…

We giggle when we see a child who covers his eyes and suddenly, truly believes he’s invisible. We shake our heads when we read of how Jonah tried to run and hide from God.  After all, attempting to hide from God is a ridiculous endeavor.

And yet I do it.

And I bet you do it, too. I won’t even go into all the ways we try to hide ourselves from God, as I’m sure you know what they are.

But you know the great thing about a little child who hides? His main goal is to be found! That’s what he’s hoping for. And that’s what we need to want, too.

I acknowledged my sin to You,
And my iniquity I did not hide;
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord;”
And You forgave the guilt of my sin.
Therefore, let everyone who is godly pray to You in a time when You may be found…
You are my hiding place…
(Psalm 32:5-7)

When we’re not trying to hide, I Peter 3:12 is oh, so comforting: “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer…”

I’m going to work on saving the hiding for games with the little ones. Try with me?

(Oh, and thanks for stopping by.)


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