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Young children pick up their native language at an astonishing rate. I am always amazed at how quickly and effortlessly they grow to understand vocabulary and syntax without any formal instruction. Of course, sometimes there are bumps along the way, which provide plenty of free entertainment for those witnessing them.

A while back Remi went through a stage where she often substituted words and phrases she knew for those that weren’t familiar or didn’t make sense to her. Here are a couple of examples:

She found a package of these ….

…. and asked, “Hey, Mommy, do you think Daddy would mind if I ate some of his Sesame Streets?”

A week later we went through the drive-through at Whataburger and got a vanilla malt, the first malt she’d ever tasted. Apparently, she liked it; the whole way home, she kept asking, “Can I have another drink of that Malt-O-Meal?”

Here’s where I’ll open it up to the rest of you: What funny things have you heard from the mouths of little ones? Please share them in the comments so we can all smile together!

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From the mouth of a munchkin

Our three-year-old daughter keeps us in stitches. Her misnomers and botched idioms keep us giggling, and her questions often catch us off guard. (You’ve read some of them here and in various other blog posts. Find more by checking out the That’s Funny! category in the sidebar.)

And now, for your enjoyment, more quirky quotes from our priceless preschooler:

Look! The sunset is out!

Will my name still be Remi when I grow up?

(Threatening her sister:) If you don’t let go of my hand RIGHT NOW you’re gonna have to………..do a LOT of RESEARCH!!!!

Are dogs allergic to water?

My new toothpaste has fluoride in it. I’m a grownup now!

What country is Chick-Fil-A in?

Do I smell like a dog?

(In response to my silly walk:) Mommy! I like your MOVES!

What is water made of?

OK, Mommy, she (pointing at Addy) is the mommy, you be Remi, and I’ll be “Vaborizer.”

Mommy, can you fix me a looooooong snack?

(Warily, on the way to a cookout:) Are hot dogs made out of…like…DOGS?

(Dreaming aloud as she looks out the window while riding in her car seat:) Mommy, if one day I find a big bag of candy in a box, do you promise I can have it without asking?

She is fascinated with the "curly phones" they have in hotel rooms.

She is fascinated with the “curly phones” they have in hotel rooms.

(While her sister was away at a sleepover:) Mommy, will you send a text? Say, “Bring dear Addy back home soon.” Do you know how to spell that?

Is Michael Berry real? (Exactly one second later:) Is he STILL real?

What does eBay even LOOK like? (Since none of us have ever bought OR sold anything on eBay, I have no idea where this came from!)

(In response to me saying I wanted to spit my gum out:) Well, I wanna spit MY gum IN! (Meaning, “Can I have some gum?”)

Why I say short prayers is because I can’t keep my eyes closed very long. Because I’m a little child.

Of course, her little-child prayers are never, ever boring.

Thank you, God, for flies.  (???)

Thank you for the Statue of Liberty.

Please help every dog that runs away from home.

I’ll close today with this conversation I heard in the backseat:

(Remington:) Mommy, I love you more than a MILLION trucks!

(Addison:) Do you even LIKE trucks?

(Remington:) Well, no…..

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Quotes from the queen of random

Riding along in her car seat yesterday, my three-year-old daughter piped up with yet another of her random questions:

What does “mostly” mean, if you’re in a rocket ship?

Unusual queries are nothing new for Remington. Just the day before, she’d asked,

What time does Colorado close?

It made me think back to so many other random things she’s said lately. Like,

This is my new baby. Her name is Chinese Antler.

Or, out of the blue,

November 17th is a very good idea!

Sometimes it’s a question that’s either difficult, or even impossible, to answer:

What does themus mean?

How did God make me?

How are houses built?

What does “s” spell?

How could God see me when I was in your tummy?

And one of my favorites…

Mommy, why aren’t you a guy?

Sometimes it’s a statement so random I can’t come up with any response at all. Like,

Mommy, you’re downloaded.


My baby dolls are specially pinata’d.

Lots of times, her confusion is apparent…and enjoyable.

I’m looking at this calculator to see what time it is.

When Daddy was a little boy, I had to spank him. Because he told “the lie.”

(Looking at all the trash cans set out on the sidewalk:) Someone’s glittering.

(Holding up a tape measure:) Addy weighed me with this so I can go ice skating.

So much of what she says is unexpected…and just plain random.

When you have gloves on your hands and you touch the sea, it could really hurt your eyes.

It’s very Exodus, so don’t break it!

And then, there was this conversation:

Remi: What time is it?

Me: It’s 3:40.

Remi: Why?

What funny things have your little ones said? Please share them in the comments so we can all enjoy!

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Commute conversations

Our spring homeschool co-op started this week, and as we were leaving the house my son asked my daughter what classes she was taking this year. When she replied that her schedule included Thread Crochet, American Girl, and Crafts, his response was,  “Those are all GIRL classes!” (I pointed out that she is, indeed, a girl, so it seemed appropriate to me. He was unfazed.)

Big brother continued, “They’ll probably do a bunch of GIRL crafts; things like ‘Make a little diary about your favorite rainbow’ or something.”

Random, unrelated photo #1 (because obviously I don't have pictures of these conversations, and because Addy even makes cleaning out the garage fun)

When we left at the end of the afternoon, we had to head straight to another appointment. Below is a record of my conversation with the kiddos during that drive:

Them: Man…we are sooooooo hungry.

Me: Yeah, me too. If I weren’t mad at all of you, I’d stop and get you each a lemon pie.

Them: WHAT?! Why are you mad at us?

Me: Just to save money.

(They didn’t think this was nearly as funny as I thought it was.)

Random, unrelated photo #2 (because don't you just love how tee-tiny little baby teeth are?)

I hope each of you is having a great day and enjoying your conversations with those around you. 🙂

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In the words of a teenager

Teenagers are so much fun. This year, one of my favorite parts of the (year-round) school day is checking my son’s composition assignments. He does a ten-minute creative writing warm-up each day to help get the brain juices flowing, and I am thoroughly enjoying the results.

Some of them I have loved because they’ve given me a peek into his heart and allowed me to know him better. (You probably won’t see many of those reprinted here!)

Some are just plain funny.  (Even those teach me something about the author, like reminding me once again how important food is to a teenage boy.)  Here’s a short example:

“If I had been a pilgrim, I would have…”

~probably been hungry a lot.

~hunted for food.

~worn a big hat.

~been confused a lot.

~had to work hard.

~used old English.

~not been a baseball fan (until I invented it).

~had all my clothes custom made.

~worn ugly shoes.

~been homeschooled.

~not had to study American history.

Guess I can’t argue against the truthfulness of any of them! So nice to have yet another reason to smile each day…..

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