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The sweetest little Santa

Now that we’ve already given it away, I can show you what I helped my youngest daughter make for her grandparents for Christmas this year:

We started with a small wooden frame we already had on hand, and painted it black (with acrylic paint and a sponge brush).

Then the fun part: I painted Remi’s hand, much to her delight, and had her press it onto white cardstock.

This is how the finished product looked:

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I got the idea here, and as usual I adapted it some. (I added the googly eyes and the sequins on the tip of the hat; I let Remi draw the smile herself; and I did NOT use glitter. I assume there’s no explanation needed for that little modification.)

I love how it turned out…so much that I had her make another one for our family. I’m excited about the thought of pulling it out to display each Christmas and remembering how tiny those chubby hands were this year.

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