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Swimmy Remi

Our little Remi took her very first swimming lesson this week! And as usual, I learned a few lessons of my own while watching.

Remington was more than happy to get into the pool…..

…..and felt very comfortable as long as she was on the steps.

But of course, the time came when she had to venture out into deeper waters. She was perfectly fine with that, as long as her teacher was holding on to her…..

…but once it was time to push off on her own, the fear set in. (Notice the changes in her facial expressions.)

As a mom, I had a really hard time watching her be afraid. Her teacher thought she was so cute because she chattered and giggled through the entire lesson, but I knew it was her nervous laughter we were hearing, and it put my stomach in knots.

How do I explain to a three year old that the hard parts are what really help you–when I struggle to remember that myself?

How do I teach her that the scariest things you go through are necessary to keep you safe in the long run–when I often forget that in my own life?

Back to her lesson…

The biggest challenge for Remi was having to put her face into the water. She was fine blowing bubbles, but putting her eyes under, even to grab the toys she was supposed to get, was pretty tough for her. (I’m sure this is typical for a three year old…but knowing that didn’t make it any easier to watch!)

Eventually she got it…

…and I loved seeing the joy on her face when she realized what she’d done!

While watching her struggle, I thought about how hard it is for us to trust completely. With her, it’s understandable. She’s only three! But I’m…well, older than three…and I still struggle with this at times. I truly believe that God is there for me, but when I can’t see what He’s doing it makes me nervous. So here’s the verse I’m going to try to focus on from here on out:

‘Do not fear, for I am with you;

Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you, surely I will help you,

Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

(Isaiah 41:10)

Here’s one more thing Remi taught me that day:

You can see on her face how much she likes her new teacher, right?

The thing is, until a few minutes before this photo was taken, she had never even met her. But as soon as her lesson was over, she enthused, “I like Ms. Meredith! She’s so nice, and she helps me swim. And that’s why I LOVE her!”

And for the bajillionth time, I said to myself, “I could learn a thing or two from this kid.”

How much happier would we be if we all just decided that we were going to love everyone around us…without waiting for them to prove themselves…without making them earn it?

Yeah…I think we’re going to get our money’s worth with these lessons.

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One year of smiles

It’s been a year now.

One year exactly since I started this blog.

One year of sharing my thoughts, my ideas, my goals, and even my insecurities with you here.

One year of showing off my favorite people: my precious family.

One year of challenges, quotes, funny stories, and lessons learned.

One year of hoping I’ve made you smile.

In that year I’ve published 134 posts. (That’s roughly equivalent to a post every two and a half days. Each one contains at least one photograph. This one had ONLY a photo—nothing else.)

My goal with each post has been to remind you—and myself—that there is so much to be thankful for, to laugh at, to smile about.  My desire has been to challenge you—and myself—to look for those reasons to smile, to appreciate the little things, to be thankful both for simple pleasures and huge blessings.

Thank you for coming along with me on this year-long ride. If it’s God’s will, I’ll keep writing. I’ll  wonder some days who’s reading. I’ll question what I’ve written. But I’ll keep writing, nonetheless. I’ll watch for your comments, and they will make me smile.

I hope you’ll keep smiling, too.

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