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Camping out at home

It felt a lot like camping last night as we spent our first night in our new home after a long, busy day of moving. Our mattresses were on the floor, but at least they were there. There weren’t any tables set up yet, but we enjoyed a lovely supper and breakfast in lawn chairs on the back patio.

What the little booger does while we're unpacking

We worked late into the night, and the fun began again today. There have been a few things that weren’t easy to smile about along the way…like the delivery guy tearing up our new floor when he installed the refrigerator, before we even moved in. (They’ll fix it. Sometime.) But there have also been many, many reasons to smile. I always love my sons, but this week especially I am enjoying having two strong, willing teenage boys in our family. Our friends, neighbors, and family members have all been so sweet to help out, providing lunch, helping to pack and load and unload, sharing boxes, bringing supper over, and running errands for us. TheĀ  new neighbors we’ve met so far have all been great.

I don’t enjoy the process of moving, but I do love the feeling of starting fresh in a new place. (The organizer in me will be having a heyday soon!) And it’s always nice to receive help from those we love, who apparently love us, too.

So, today I’m asking you for some tips. What have you found makes the whole moving out/moving in process go more smoothly? Please share in the comments below. We can use all the good advice you are willing to share…

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My excuse

Don’t you just hate it when bloggers don’t keep up with their blogs? Me, too. Unfortunately, sometimes life just happens and activities like blogging end up being pushed aside for a time. (That’s what happened with me recently.) There could be any number of reasons…Here, in just a few pictures, is my excuse:

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