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Who is this young man, and what has he done with my little boy?

Something about braces and a tie on the same kid just gets to me…

This scrapbook page is a recent favorite since it showcases our oldest son who is growing up in so many ways, and faster than I ever thought possible.

Journaling reads:

Yep–Chandler is definitely growing up. He is a teenager–15 years old–taller and much stronger than me. But the physical growth isn’t what I’m most impressed by…..We bought him some nice dress clothes for Sundays since he & Troy would be serving the Lord’s Supper together all this month. But, when November was over, he told me he planned to dress this way every Sunday. And he has. Yep–he’s growing up.

What milestones have you and/or your kids hit recently? I’d love to hear about them.

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Connor’s capture

Sadly, Connor doesn’t catch many frogs these days, so when I ran across this old picture I was anxious to get it into my scrapbooks. This was pretty typical of him at the time. They grow up so fast…

Journaling reads: "You love catching them...You love naming them...Posing with them for the required picture for Mommy--not so much...Thanks for doing it anyway!"

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