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Mind the pictures, please…

While reading aloud to my kids, I don’t always pay attention to the illustrations since I’m busy with the text. I’m thinking that needs to change. To my 2-year-old, all those bothersome letters mean nothing. And sometimes I’m amazed to realize that her interpretation of what’s happening in the story has very little to do with whatever I’ve just read to her.  Here are two examples from yesterday:

Paulus, written and illustrated by Gordon Stowell, copyright 1991 Vereeniging tot Verspreiding der Heilige Schrift/Bijbel Kiosk Vereniging

Toddlers are so literal! When she “read” this page to me, she said, “Then the people throwed rocks into his armpits.”

And this one, I probably should have seen coming. I didn’t.

Excerpted from What is Love by Sarah Eberle © 1991 Standard Publishing. Used by permission.

As I turned to this page I saw her little brow furrow. Before I could read it she pointed to the picture and said, “That man wants to hit his boy in the forehead with that hammer.”

I think from now on I should be more careful to ensure that she understands the pictures before I bother to read her the text.

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