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What I learned at PTP (Part 3)

Here it is, the third and final post of some things I learned at Polishing the Pulpit. Yes, I know I’ve shared a LOT from this seminar in my last several entries, but there are some things that I learned there that are just too profound not to share, like Joe Wells’ penetrating observation,

“Modesty isn’t a hemline; it’s a heart line.”

(Girlfriends, let’s all chew on that for a while! What does our level of modesty reveal about our hearts?)

Here are some other goodies that had an impact on me…..

From “A Deeper Life: Making Time for Prayer & Devotion in the Busy Years of Life” by Irene Taylor:

You’ll never find the time. MAKE the time!

“Don’t just take up a pew!”

In the courtyard during one of the nightly teen devotionals

(Note: All photos in today’s post are from the PTP blog.)

From “Loving God with all my Soul” by Dan Winkler:

Arrows go where you point them. (All children are born as straight arrows.)

Trust and obey…then teach and relay.

VBS-type classes for the kiddos

From “God Wants to Give us Joy…But He Doesn’t Always Want us to be Happy” by B.J. Clarke:

Sin brings temporary happiness…but it never brings JOY.

(Mr. Clark used the biblical example of David, who was undoubtedly experiencing happiness while committing adultery with Bathsheba. But, Psalm 51:8, 12 shows it hadn’t brought him joy.)

Sin says, “I’ll make you happy!” God says, “Let me give you something to REALLY be happy about!”

Thankful for energetic and enthusiastic teachers

From “The Importance of Family Bible Time” by Luverne Shepherd:

The less we teach, the more sin will engulf.

The greatest hindrance that keeps us from giving time to our family is that our family is not a top priority with us.

What could be more important than instilling the word of God in our children?

If our family is truly important to us, nothing in this world can stop us from spending family Bible time together.

The home is the University of Life. Who are the professors? Parents! (Children are NOT the professors.) Who are the students? Our children. (Enroll them early!) What is the curriculum? The Word of God. (See Deuteronomy 6:6-7.)

You never know when you are making a memory with your children.

And one funny aside from Mrs. Shepherd:

They may have taken prayer out of our schools. But as long as tests and examinations are being given, I can assure you that prayers are being offered in those schools!

Informative talks for packed crowds

I wish I could share Eric Lyons’ fascinating presentation on “The Moral Argument for God.” It would likely eliminate your doubts. I wish I could tell you all about Todd Clippard’s enlightening workshop, “Should Christians Drink Beer?” and B.J. Clarke’s inspirational talk, “Distracted by Good Things: Regaining Your Family’s Focus.”

PTP was an intense experience. Thanks for letting me share it with you here.

And, thanks for stopping by!

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