"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

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The scroll that made me smile

“Hey, Mommy,” she said, “look at my new scroll!” And she proudly held up the roll of black lawn trash bags and unrolled it for me to see. (Yes, you read that right. Trash bags.)

“What do you have there?” I asked.

She explained that it was her “scroll,” and that she was right in the middle of reading the Old Testament—specifically, the book of New Corinthians. She laid it down on the dining room table and unrolled it more, exclaiming, “Boy, I sure have a lot to read! Look, it goes all the way to this piece of cereal!” (This was said while pointing to a piece of cereal still sitting randomly on the table, long after breakfast was over. Sigh. At least it let her know just how much reading she had ahead of her.)

Throughout the day she continued reading from her scroll, occasionally stopping to struggle over “a hard word” she was reading. Although she was mainly “reading” to herself, and therefore softly, I picked up a few tidbits now and then:

“You shall not praise the Lord as a guest of Egypt.”

“[something about] members of the faith”

“Always be thankful for healthy food, and for everything you want . . . like hands.”

Eventually she decided the strain on her eyes was just too great, since the words on the scroll were written “this small” (said holding her thumb and pointer finger so close together they were almost touching). She went for her glasses, and with a sigh of relief, was able to continue reading.

I love the way this little girl’s mind works. It makes me smile! I hope you are smiling today, too.

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Mind the pictures, please…

While reading aloud to my kids, I don’t always pay attention to the illustrations since I’m busy with the text. I’m thinking that needs to change. To my 2-year-old, all those bothersome letters mean nothing. And sometimes I’m amazed to realize that her interpretation of what’s happening in the story has very little to do with whatever I’ve just read to her.  Here are two examples from yesterday:

Paulus, written and illustrated by Gordon Stowell, copyright 1991 Vereeniging tot Verspreiding der Heilige Schrift/Bijbel Kiosk Vereniging

Toddlers are so literal! When she “read” this page to me, she said, “Then the people throwed rocks into his armpits.”

And this one, I probably should have seen coming. I didn’t.

Excerpted from What is Love by Sarah Eberle © 1991 Standard Publishing. Used by permission.

As I turned to this page I saw her little brow furrow. Before I could read it she pointed to the picture and said, “That man wants to hit his boy in the forehead with that hammer.”

I think from now on I should be more careful to ensure that she understands the pictures before I bother to read her the text.

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Surrounded by signs of learning–part II

(See the first half of this post here.)

Then, there were the more obvious clues that someone is indeed learning something around here, like this:

(Yes, she was ready for baseball practice only 5 hours before it started.)

and like this:

and even this:

The sweet sight above is what greeted me as I entered my two-year-old’s room and heard her “reading” to herself, “The Emperor of China lived in a greeeeat palace, and he said…’I got your e-mail.'”

Yes, they’re learning all right. And what I’m teaching them is such a very small part of it.

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