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Wise guys and Sharpies

I had no choice, really.

I learned the hard way that just because I planned meals and then purchased all the ingredients to prepare them, it didn’t necessarily mean those ingredients would still be on hand when it came time to cook.

So really, I had to do it.

I made the black Sharpie a very dear friend of mine. I began writing on the bag of chocolate chips or the can of French-fried onions or whatever I thought might be eaten before I could use it. I would come home from the grocery store and immediately scrawl a big, black, “Recipe: Do not eat!” on each item in question, and it worked! From then on, I could go to the kitchen to cook and actually find the ingredients I needed there, and it was….nice.

That’s when I realized (not for the first time!) that there was a wise guy in the house.

My first clue? I went to the panty and found this:

Alright, people. Go ahead and make fun all you want. But I am not giving up my Sharpie. (I’m just hiding it from YOU.)

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Whip up some lip-smacking, anybody-can-make-these-in-five-minutes, cinnamon-sugar donuts

So, here’s a weird little thing about me: I don’t like donuts. You read that right. I. don’t. like. donuts. Glazed, chocolate-covered, loaded with sprinkles—doesn’t matter—they hold no appeal for me. I guess you could say I’m pretty much immune to just about every kind of donut on the planet.

Just about.

I am not immune to these:

These are the kind my mom made when I was a kid back in the…..er, back in another decade. I loved them then and my kiddos and I rediscovered them recently. Did I mention that these babies take literally 5 minutes to crank out?  So, why not drag the kids out of bed this Saturday and let them chef it out with you?

Start with a can of refrigerated biscuit dough—the super-cheap-O kind work great! Place each uncooked biscuit in the pan of hot oil and fry for just a minute or two (until golden brown) on each side…

…then immediately roll each one around on a plate of cinnamon-sugar.  That’s it!

(Or, maybe not.  My kids believe they need to look like actual donuts–with holes–as opposed to the little “pillows” I personally love. So, they cut out holes by pressing the lid from a 2L bottle into the middle of each biscuit before frying both rings and holes.)

I’d love to hear what you think if you try them out! As for me, I can no longer say a blanket, “I don’t like donuts.” And that’s a good thing, right?

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