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Once in a lifetime

Did you see it?

I certainly wouldn’t call myself an astronomy buff, but when I heard about the transit of Venus, and when I found out that it would be visible this evening but never again in the lifetime of anyone in existence today, you can bet I loaded the kids in the car and took off for the closest viewing area I could find.

A local museum had several powerful telescopes set up with special filters (thus all the duct tape) where we’d be able to see Venus passing between us and the sun.  Very, very cool…

Scientists say that this phenomenon won’t be seen again until the year 2117, so I’m thrilled we were able to get in on this once-in-a-lifetime experience today.

Thankfully, it was a beautiful, clear evening, which made for great viewing. But although I could see it with my own eyes, I just couldn’t manage to capture the amazing sight with my camera. Then we found this guy…

…who’d brought his giant, self-built telescope…

…and had the brilliant idea of projecting the image onto a white surface, which allowed me to finally get the picture I’d been hoping for:

As expected, the reflection photo doesn’t do justice to what we really saw. (To our eyes, the sun was a brilliant red.) But at least you can see how clear the view of the transit was. The darkest spot is, of course, Venus, and the others are sun spots (places where the temperature is cooler).

My favorite photo of the evening was taken as Chandler put on some disposable viewing lenses. I happened to catch him just as he looked through them for the first time, caught a glimpse of the rare occurrence, and  said…..you guessed it…..WOW!

Because really, what else can you say?

The heavens are telling of the glory of God;

And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

There is no speech, nor are there words…

(Psalm 19: 1, 3)

Did any of you get to experience this, too? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

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Willing to serve

He did it!

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

This is a special month for us, because this month, my husband and our teenage sons are serving communion together on Sunday mornings for the very first time. I can’t put into words how I feel about this (and I’m not often speechless), but I know I get goosebumps when I look up there and see the three of them standing side by side, serving all together.

I’m proud of Troy. Although he didn’t grow up in a Christian home, he has grown to be a faithful Christian man. He continues to amaze me with who he has become, and is becoming.

I’m proud of Chandler. Not a lot of 15-year-old guys want to get up in front of a congregation full of people and give a little talk, the way he did yesterday. I’m proud of the way he thinks and the fact that he’s willing to share those thoughts with the rest of us to help us focus on what’s important.

But I’ll admit it…I’m especially proud of Connor. You see, Connor is my shy child. He’s always been bashful. He’s only fourteen, and he just became a Christian a couple of months ago. The thought of getting up in front of people terrifies him. (And the thought of standing up there in dress clothes is even worse!)

But, he did it.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning I awoke to a lot of banging around upstairs. I ran up to see what was going on, and found Connor… hair fixed, teeth brushed, and completely dressed, right down to his shoes!  AT SEVEN O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!  (That’s two hours before we had to be there!)  He was so nervous he couldn’t sleep and I guess he just wanted to get ready and get it all over with.

But that’s OK, because he did it. None of us likes to step out of his comfort zone. But sometimes we just need to. I am proud of Connor for reminding me of that.

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