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Fake Fall Fun

When the doorbell rang, we opened the front door to find a box on the porch. A BIG box.

The mystery box

The kids were intrigued, but I already knew what was inside, so I—being that kind of mom—made them wait a whole hour to open it. (Yes, that’s right. An hour. You have to let the anticipation build, right?)

That hour was filled with a hundred different questions:

Is it alive?

Can we eat it?

Is it flammable?

Are you sure we can’t eat it?

Can we throw it?

If we eat it, will we die? 

All they knew was that it came from our friend April, in Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky…where they happen to actually have a season called fall. But April once lived here, in South Texas, where it will still be a while before we get anything that resembles autumn.

And knowing that, she decided to share theirs with us. (Everyone should have a friend so thoughtful!)

By the end of the hour their curiosity had skyrocketed, so finally, I gave them the green light to tear open the mystery box.

And inside was a little taste of autumn.

The box was big enough for our dog to fit inside…

…and they let her for a minute…

…but only for a minute. Because they were ready to have some fake fall fun of their own!

When you have four kids who range in age from three to seventeen, it can be a challenge to find something fun for all of them to do together…

…but judging from these looks on their faces, I’d say this fit the bill perfectly.

After playing together for quite a while, the girls continued to play in the leaves…

…while the boys—being boys, after all—switched over to a game of “Destroy the Box They Came in With a Brick.”

(Thankfully, they at least moved to the other end of the yard from where the girls were playing.)

From our family to yours, Happy Autumn!

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Precious clutter

I came across another one today. It looked like this:

I frequently find them around the house…these little, rolled up pieces of paper that appear—at first glance—to be misplaced trash. But I have learned not to throw them away.

You see, they belong to my daughter, Addy.

And they are important to her. These little tubes of paper are her personal prayer lists.

She makes them all the time.

She does it on her own.

And while I often get on to her for leaving her “stuff” (shoes, books, etc.) around the house, it’s hard to complain when I find one of these:

I love that Addy cares about people.

I love that she takes her prayer life seriously enough to write down what’s too important to risk forgetting.

And I love the surprise of finding out that what I thought was trash, isn’t trash at all.

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