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Swimmy Remi

Our little Remi took her very first swimming lesson this week! And as usual, I learned a few lessons of my own while watching.

Remington was more than happy to get into the pool…..

…..and felt very comfortable as long as she was on the steps.

But of course, the time came when she had to venture out into deeper waters. She was perfectly fine with that, as long as her teacher was holding on to her…..

…but once it was time to push off on her own, the fear set in. (Notice the changes in her facial expressions.)

As a mom, I had a really hard time watching her be afraid. Her teacher thought she was so cute because she chattered and giggled through the entire lesson, but I knew it was her nervous laughter we were hearing, and it put my stomach in knots.

How do I explain to a three year old that the hard parts are what really help you–when I struggle to remember that myself?

How do I teach her that the scariest things you go through are necessary to keep you safe in the long run–when I often forget that in my own life?

Back to her lesson…

The biggest challenge for Remi was having to put her face into the water. She was fine blowing bubbles, but putting her eyes under, even to grab the toys she was supposed to get, was pretty tough for her. (I’m sure this is typical for a three year old…but knowing that didn’t make it any easier to watch!)

Eventually she got it…

…and I loved seeing the joy on her face when she realized what she’d done!

While watching her struggle, I thought about how hard it is for us to trust completely. With her, it’s understandable. She’s only three! But I’m…well, older than three…and I still struggle with this at times. I truly believe that God is there for me, but when I can’t see what He’s doing it makes me nervous. So here’s the verse I’m going to try to focus on from here on out:

‘Do not fear, for I am with you;

Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you, surely I will help you,

Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

(Isaiah 41:10)

Here’s one more thing Remi taught me that day:

You can see on her face how much she likes her new teacher, right?

The thing is, until a few minutes before this photo was taken, she had never even met her. But as soon as her lesson was over, she enthused, “I like Ms. Meredith! She’s so nice, and she helps me swim. And that’s why I LOVE her!”

And for the bajillionth time, I said to myself, “I could learn a thing or two from this kid.”

How much happier would we be if we all just decided that we were going to love everyone around us…without waiting for them to prove themselves…without making them earn it?

Yeah…I think we’re going to get our money’s worth with these lessons.

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Teaching beyond the lesson

Our little one had her first promotion today, moving up from the nursery to the 2-year-olds’ Bible class. If I were at all concerned about her making that transition, I needn’t have worried. Ms. Debbie met her at the door and welcomed her in with a big smile. And Ms. Cindy, already seated at the teaching table, looked up and beamed, “Remington! I’ve been waiting for this day for two years!”

What a welcome! Now, I’m not completely delusional…Ms. Cindy loves children and she probably said that to every toddler who darkened the door. But the point is, how could you not be excited to be in a class where you were so warmly welcomed ?

Good teachers present quality instruction. But with great teachers, there’s a whole lot of teaching that goes on outside “the lesson.” I know the 2-year-olds received some excellent Bible teaching once that bell rang, but I also believe Remi had been taught several lessons before she ever made it to her wee, colorful chair:

I am loved.

I am wanted here.

I am in a safe, happy place.

Learning about God will be fun.

(Add in a story, snacks, songs, and stickers, and this was a very happy morning for these newly-promoted toddlers.)

Thinking about this experience reminded me of another special teacher…

We were visiting our dear friends in Kentucky and were excited about worshiping all together Sunday morning, but when we pulled into the parking lot of the church building, Addy started to get nervous. Four years old at the time, she wanted to know where we were and what we were doing.

We explained that we were on our way to worship, just like every Sunday morning, but she became more agitated and cried out, “No, this is the wrong church!” We continued reassuring her that there are places all around the world where the Bible is taught and that we can worship wherever we happen to be and not just while we’re in Texas.

By this point she was in tears. We continued to try to figure out the reason for her distress, and eventually we were able to coax an explanation out of her.  With round, wide eyes and a voice filled with panic, Addy exclaimed, “I CAN’T go to this church! I need to go to OUR church! Mrs. Vickers is WAITING for me. If I’m not there, Mrs. Vickers will MISS ME!”

That was it. Addy wasn’t worried about doctrine, and she wasn’t worried about geography. She simply knew that she had a teacher back home who loved her, was expecting her, and would miss her if she didn’t show up. I want to be that kind of teacher.

I’m pretty sure Mrs. Vickers didn’t have those things in her lesson notes. She just exudes a sweet friendliness that lets her students know she’s glad they came. She shows them a glimpse of what it means to experience God’s love. And even at four years of age, they get it.

I am thankful for these sweet ladies. I am thankful for all those who motivate us to be better teachers and role models.  And I am thankful for those who share their time and energy to help our kids follow the Greatest Teacher who ever walked the earth.

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