"…And she smiles at the future." ~Proverbs 31:25

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The art of perspective

We pulled into the parking lot and took the last space on the end. I jumped out and began to walk around the back of the SUV, and as I did, I happened to glance down at the grassy area right next to us. The first thing I noticed was how much litter had been thrown all over the place. My second thought was that someone really needed to get out there and mow and edge.

By this time I had made it to the door where my toddler was waiting in her car seat. I unbuckled her, lifted her out, and set her down next to me. The very first words out of her mouth were,


Several times throughout the day, I heard that little 2-year-old voice in my mind, exclaiming in wonder about that beautiful grass.

How could two people have such different reactions to the same sight? How could one of us (her) have found beauty in what had just disgusted the other (me)? It was all about our perspective. I truly believe–and this incident reminded me–that the happiest people are not the ones living under the choicest circumstances. The happiest people are the ones who’ve found the best perspective.

I know perspective is an important concept in art. I also believe that there’s an art to finding (and maintaining) the right perspective in life. Thanks to Remi’s reminder, I’m going to be working on my outlook, and I’m excited about the results I know I’ll see. How’s your perspective?

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