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Top 10 reasons I love camping

Camping trips rock! Camping in October in the middle of the week and practically having the whole place to yourselves is even better. Our family just returned from an incredibly fun, relaxing trip to Palmetto State Park, and I thought I’d share with you my personal reasons for loving the family camp-outs. Of course, it’s a given that camping is the most inexpensive vacation possible…but here are ten more reasons I love camping, along with some snapshots of our recent trip.

Reason #10: We get to choose a beautiful corner of the world and call it our home and yard for a few days. 

Our HOME for this camping trip

Who wouldn't want to call this home?

Birds chirping, breezes blowing, no dusting or sweeping or toilet cleaning…that’s my kind of home!

Reason #9: “Wasting time” isn’t considered a waste of time while camping. It’s what we’re SUPPOSED to do.

For those of us who struggle to relax at home amid a never-ending to-do list, a campsite is the perfect destination. We are going somewhere with the specific goal of being lazy! (How cool is that?)

This is the life...

Reason #8: I get to see my man in his element. 

This makes him so happy…and that makes me happy!

"Feeling" that big bass

Reason #7: We get to see some amazing sights, designed by an Amazing Creator.

Note the way this tree has grown around this old wheel:

Reason #6: Because we’re busy enjoying the beauty of nature, we don’t have to worry a bit about how WE look. 

I know we packed a hairbrush…but whether or not it ever saw the light of day is another story.

When we’re camping, we can stay in our pajamas just as long as we want to.

Addy catching perch in her pj's

"Flowers for you, Mommy!"

And no one really cares how filthy we get, either…

These clothes and shoes might never come clean...SO worth it!

So much dirt on those happy faces

Reason #5: We get to enjoy living the simple life.

A boy and his canteen + sunshine and a place to explore = a perfect day

Simple living includes simple surroundings. This was our centerpiece, provided by the girls:

We ate food that would never pass for meals at home, unanimously voted on by all the kids (and their dad) and super easy to fix.

Their compromise was to let me at least heat things up.

Simple, sometimes boring, routine tasks somehow become more fun while camping. One of Remi’s favorite activities was “helping” with the dishes.

Reason #4: We’re able to get up close and personal with all kinds of creatures.

We spotted 69 deer, plus plenty of rabbits, bats, squirrels, butterflies, lizards, toads, cardinals, raccoons, and this armadillo snuffing around right in front of us as if we weren’t even there:

At night we could hear the crickets chirping, owls hooting back and forth, and coyotes howling.

Some of the most enjoyable times were spent watching the girls playing with the ducks.

The males would eat right out of Addy’s hand…

Their aggressiveness freaked Remi out, of course, and I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have fun watching her reactions.

Unfortunately, they liked Addy a little too much, even when she was out of food for them…

Reason #3: There’s plenty of time to play.

There’s time to kayak…

…and time to fish…

Addy's crappie

(Troy cooking breakfast meant I got to sit by the lake with a fishing pole…

…but, unfortunately, this little guy was all I caught.)

…and time to hike, and hike, and hike…

…and plenty of time to splash in the river…

Reason #2: The unhurried time away from it all seems to strengthen our family bonds.

I love watching the way the kids interact with us and with each other during times like this.

Reason #1: Everywhere we turn, we are reminded of our Almighty God.

My favorite memory from this trip is of our whole family sitting by the lake in the dark, looking up at the stars and talking about how incredible it is that God made it all…and keeps track of it all…and knows all. I loved letting Remi sleep on my lap while Troy and I listened to the bigger kids marvel at God’s power and His artistry, and while I don’t have photographs of that time to share with you, I know I’ll never forget it.

And that’s why I {heart} camping!

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