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Traveling smiles

I guess the more kids you have, the less cash you have in your entertainment fund, but no matter–kids provide so much free entertainment!

As we were packing to leave for our trip to PTP, I told the boys to lay out all the shirts and pants they planned to take on their beds so that I could make sure they had enough clothes for the week-long event. I expected a haphazard pile of each, but when I came into Chandler’s room, this is the T-shirt stash I found:

One night during PTP, we took the girls to go eat supper while the boys were involved in a teen activity. At one point. I looked up and saw Addy drinking from her milk and her water at the same time. When I asked why, she said, “I’m making skim milk!”

Thankfully, our kids have always been good travelers, and this trip was no exception. One of the more enjoyable parts of the long drive was listening to the word-salad ramblings of our 2-year-old as we drove along…

“Why does milk have no hands and no arms?”

“What will a peacock do if I bite him?”

“Can I have the other manger’s phone?”

“I have a baby in my heart.”

“We blow bubbles but I call you Elizabeth.”

“The quiet surgery woke up in the morning.”

Sometimes there was even peace and quiet…

Free entertainment rocks!

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