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The trick I wish I’d known

For all you moms, grandmas, and anyone else who takes care of young children, I’m sharing a tip today that’s been a big help to me. It may be that everyone else in the world already knows this, but I didn’t figure it out until my fourth child.  And, since I SO wish I’d known about this when my other three were young, I’m passing it along to you, just in case.

Here it is:
(Drumroll, please…)

Yes, that’s right. It’s a bag of water. And it’s wonderful!

You know how little kids are forever bumping their heads on things and getting hurt in every conceivable way? Well, ice packs are pretty much useless in those situations, and for good reason. Ice is HARD. It can be SHARP. It’s TOO COLD.  In other words, ice makes the hurt place hurt even more.

Enter the baggie full of cold water. I keep this in my refrigerator at all times so it’s always ready. (Yes, we use it that often.) It’s soft, it’s cold, and the child can hold it herself (provided her arms aren’t full of babies). It works wonders, providing instant relief in just a few seconds. If only I could find a way to market it…

So, if you’re still trying to use ice packs on your little ones…well, don’t. Try this instead, and see if it’s not the easy answer to all your head-bumping woes. (And if you don’t want to keep one in the fridge, just drop a couple of ice cubes in with a full baggie of water when the need arises.)

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